And this happened. It's my attempt to explain Savitar's timeline. Because y'all just don't know how much I had to think about this shit to even attempt to make it work. Uuuugh.

View here:

Still working on The Book of Legends. Also, I've been doing another thing:

Whoops I recorded TSC BoA in a podfic. I'm not terribly good at podficcing, but I think I get better as the chapters go on. I've recorded but not yet uploaded Tempus Absolutum Unus and I'm in the process of recording The Book of Flash.

1) "I don't give kudos to things unless it's spectacular. Kudos are currency and the author has to earn my favor. Just enjoying a fic isn't good enough, and I can't waste my valuable time clicking a heart button."

2) "If you give constructive criticism on my writing then you're being MEAN to me and you're a HORRIBLE PERSON."

3) "Here's some constructive criticism: your story is awful, you can't write, and you should probably just crawl into a hole and die."

4) "It's rude and derogatory to expect or ask for kudos on your work."

Fuck all y'all, but especially numbers 1, 3, and 4.
These past few months have just been really freaking stressful.

Life/School Stuff

Last semester of my program, or so I thought. I'm walking in May, but won't be able to receive my actual degree until December because of circumstances that mean I'll be taking a class as a directed study in the Fall, after completing my internship over the summer.

I mean. If I can find an internship, which so far isn't looking good considering I'm being very picky about what I want but for very good reasons. Basically, the field has two sides to it, very different from each other, and I am definitely very interested in one side over the other. Problem being, that side is less popular with students (many who start out interested in it end up being more interested in the other side by the time they graduate) and harder to find internships and jobs for. And the department isn't very helpful at all--they would rather push us into internship for the other side than help us find internships that are relevant to our interests and what we want to do.

The problem being that the sides are so different that once you get established in a career on one side, it's really difficult to move to the other. Because it's assumed you don't know anything about that side, having worked on the other. Sigh.

Then one of my professors decided to tell me in class, in front of everyone, that because I struggle with statistics (thanks to a legitimate, diagnosed learning disability that the university has record of) I'm wasting my money by being here. And then the entire department except for one person completely minimized the effect this had on me and that I felt betrayed (because the prof knew about this, I had spoken with her extensively about my diagnosis last year when I was assessed) and unable, for my own mental and emotional well-being, to continue the class with her.

There's a lot more baggage there, but that's the gist of the situation. I'm pleased with the outcome but not with the absolutely surreal way I was treated in the two weeks it took to get there.

(I was told she's claiming now that she didn't say "money," she said "time," and that she wasn't directing it at me specifically but at the whole class. My response: "I... don't understand how that's supposed to be better.")

(I honestly believe they've never had a student advocate for themselves so hard and so thoroughly before.)

Also, I feel like my meds aren't really working like they should; I'm way more scattered and unable to focus than I was when the Adderall was working and I don't think the Wellbutrin with working, either. So, I've also had both the ADD and the MDD to contend with more than I feel I should.

The Savitar Chronicles: The Book of Legends

The upside to this is that I now have waaaaaay more time than I did with two classes and an assistantship, with only one class and an assistantship. Meaning, I have actual time to work on TSC: tBoL.

I finished chapter four last night. That leaves three more chapters to go, and I have a general idea of what happens in each. So, hopefully, it won't take too much longer to finish out the book. And I have a couple of scene ideas for the third interlude.

THEN I get to move on to the book I've been looking forward to since I started this ride... two years ago??? Wow. Y'all, I haven't written this much in a long, long time. And it's been even longer since I finished anything I really liked. And I really like TSC.

I'm excited, and I hope y'all are, too.


Feb. 1st, 2019 09:34 pm
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Depression and executive dysfunction are not fun. :(

Sneak Peek

Jan. 5th, 2019 08:55 pm
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This is what my writing environment looks like as I work on "The Book of Legends."

The Book of Legends.
I'm with my parents in Louisiana. Christmas is done. School work is done (well except for the one incomplete class), and I might have an internship.

And so, work on The Book of Legends has commenced.

I'm currently in the middle of writing one of the scenes I've been looking forward to, because it links the stories of season three of The Flash and season two of Legends of Tomorrow in a way that should have been obvious to the show writers. It was obvious to me, and I kept waiting for them to make that connection, but they never did.

Just one of the myriad things about the canon story of Savitar that makes me angry. Even now.

Just wanted to drop a post to say that the work has begun! I hope to have the Book finished by the end of January, and then it will be off to beta. When my wonderful beta, [personal profile] purpleyin is through with it, it'll start going up on AO3, chapter by chapter, every Tuesday, as usual.

And then, only one more Tempus Absolutum and one more Book.
My holiday was on the 21st, but Merry Christmas (Happy Christmas too my UK friends) to those who celebrate.

My gift to all of you: I'm working on The Book of Legends and intend to finish it soon. Probably not before the beginning of the new year, but before the end of January.
So applied project, for better or worse, is submitted.

So is the final project for HRM.

All I have left is the final exam for work motivation and to revise a lit review for my assistantship supervisor.

Thursday is the last day of classes.

Friday I fly out to spend two weeks with my parents (ugh).

I plan to do as much writing as possible in those two weeks before coming back for my spring semester January 10th.

Hopefully, my last semester.

Wish me luck.
So today I spent eight hours at the library digging through the library databases, finding and reading articles, writing on the walls (the library study rooms have white board walls, it's so awesome), and in general trying to cobble together something coherent for my applied project for Work Motivation.

November, by the way, was a shit month.

Early November, I fell down some stairs and sprained my ankle badly. It's still not fully healed. Spent almost two weeks after that basically in bed because I couldn't really walk around.

Then, just as I started to get mobile again, I developed an upper respiratory infection that took out basically the rest of the month.

My applied project, of which I have done very little until today, is due on Thursday.

Facebook's implosion means y'all have more of me here, hopefully.


Oct. 26th, 2018 05:25 pm
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Grad school is kicking my ass, y'all. In a way, I love it, because I'm really enjoying all the learning and writing and the potential to actually have a career instead of a series of jobs. But it's also stressful and exhausting and at the end of the day I don't want to do anything except watch YouTube videos about the evolution of Disney World attractions.

I have not given up on The Savitar Chronicles. Never think that. I would never.

But it is going to take a while for me to get back to it, unfortunately. I'm going to try to write more over the holiday break when I go to visit my parents. We'll see how much writing they'll actually let me do, considering they haven't seen me in over a year.

The Book of Legends is almost always on the back burner of my mind in some way and sometimes it jumps to the front. I just don't have the time or energy to really devote to it. I really hope I can finish it over the break, because next semester is going to be even harsher. I'll not only be taking classes AND doing my research assistantship like this semester, but I'll ALSO have an internship, yaaaaaay. Then, you know, graduation (hopefully). There will definitely be no time or room for creative writing next semester. So I would really love to be able to start getting The Book of Legends out to y'all starting at the beginning of next year. That way, maybe I can write the last book over the summer while working at the fabulous new job I'm going to get after I graduate.

That's the plan, but we all know how I am with plans.
I should be working on "The Book of Legends," and I am. I'm letting it percolate, but surprisingly enough it's already starting to come together. I think I've figured out how to do the thing. But have I written any words on it?

Not today.

Today I skipped ahead and wrote a scene for the last book in TSC, name to be announced at the end of tBoL.

I skipped ahead and wrote a scene for the last book so I could lead up to a Batman joke.

It was worth it. You'll see. Eventually.
I'm so excited! The Book of Flash Chapter One is up on AO3! (It wasn't supposed to go up until tomorrow, but apparently AO3 doesn't allow for the scheduling of posts, oops.)


The Savitar Chronicles: The Book of Flash, Chapter One.
So, here I am, steadily working away for the first time in months, finally closing in on the end of The Book of Flash. I've had one comment on the fic from someone wondering what's taking me so long, since I was idiot enough to try and put a time frame down for how long it would take me to finish the book. I should have known better, should have known that eventually my insecurities and other things would catch up with me and stall my progress. I suppose it was meant to be optimistic.

Anyway, it occurs to me that it might be a good thing to have a place for updates on my progress, and where people can engage with me outside of AO3, where they can ask the hard questions and I might actually respond.

So, here we are. I'm going to try and keep this blog updated from now on.

When I first started The Savitar Chronicles I had this grand plan in my head. I was going to be the mysterious author, Nox Caelum, almost a character of myself. I was going to make a game of it, being a cosmic scribe with access to Savitar's "real" story and putting it down into words for everyone to read. Quickly, though, I realized that I just didn't have the time or energy to invest in that kind of game.

It's just me. As truthful as I can be hiding behind a digital screen. But there's still a game we can play, if you like. I have another fandom identity, one that was fairly well known within a certain fandom. I was never a BNF, but my fics had their fans. See if you can find me.

Some of you know me outside of fandom and therefore know both my personas--you are all automatically disqualified. No telling the others.

Good luck. And ask any questions you might have.
Title: The Savitar Chronicles: The First Book of Arrow
Rating: Mature
Status: Work-in-Progress
Pairing: Gen
Warnings: Major character death, violence
Category: Crossover, drama, angst, tragedy, AU I guess even though I think this is how it really should have happened. Time travel.
Summary: The truth of Savitar's story, from the beginning to the way it should have ended. As we begin in the First Book of Arrow, Iris is dead and the dark road is open.

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